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Corona Podcast English Part 1


von Melanie Hahn, am 09.04.2020

In view of the current Corona pandemic, our society is facing major challenges. The health of the elderly and high-risk patients is threatened, people suffer from existential fears, work from home and in some cases have to manage home office, home school and the household at the same time. Social contacts and public life are severely restricted. A situation like none of us have experienced before.

For the following weeks, Hochschule Fresenius is therefore changing its podcast format: at regular intervals, our psychologists will give brief practical tips with a scientific background on how we can master this time. How can pupils and students structure their everyday learning? How do we deal with conflicts at home? What can we do to avoid becoming lonely? Is the flood of information really helpful? And how can we deal with our feelings and fears?

We have produced two episodes of the special podcast in English for our foreign students.

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Über den Autor

Melanie Hahn
Melanie Hahn ist Teil der adhibeo-Redaktion und arbeitet als Pressesprecherin für die Fachbereiche Wirtschaft & Medien und onlineplus der Hochschule Fresenius.